Learn How The Best In The World Communicate Lifetime Spinal Wellness With Their Patients and Community!

Here's what you and your staff will learn from these Spinal Hygiene Training Videos...

  • Module 1: In this training video you will discover the importance of lifetime spinal hygiene, how to share this message with your community, how this will not only grow your practice, increase your patient retention, and position you as the authority, but it will also help propel Chiropractic to the next level in true health care.
  • Module 2: In this training video you will discover a very valuable spinal hygiene exercise called Spinal Molding. We will go into the research on how Spinal Molding can help to maintain these lateral curves between chiropractic adjustments, and why the lateral curves of the spine are so important to the health of the spine.
  • Module 3: In this training video we will dive into the science behind spinal range of motion. A decrease in r.o.m. can be a direct contributor to spinal degeneration. We will learn a simple strategy to help us maintain a full spinal r.o.m. for a lifetime.
  • Module 4: In this training video you will discover how vitally important posture is to overall health. We will go over some studies on postural distortions and how they decrease overall health. You will also learn two very important postural exercises that will help you maintain the most important postural muscles, and how these exercises will help you preserve spinal health.

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